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Pernexus is a young and dynamic organisation that develops software with the aim to translate your wishes to optimal IT Solutions, so you can focus on what you do best. With professional advise and personal contact we're capable of translating your wishes and ideas into usable concepts and ready-to-use products. Our ambitious team is always searching for new developments and solutions, so we can deliver the best possible applications.

Pernexus is one of the key IT providers in the petrochemical industry.

Pernexus is a recognised name for several companies in the petrochemical industry because of our all-in-one software solution to facilitate commissioning, inspection, project management, people management, E & I management and many many more sections on and off a production platform,

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Perluta is an information management system for your installation. Flexible, simple, scalable and with a lightning fast search engine.

With Perluta you always have your information ready. Perluta includes revision management and document preview. With our comprehensive rights management system your data is safe!

ROOT Recruitment

ROOT Recruitment is passionate about bringing Dutch employers and technical personnel from Eastern Europe together in an innovative and accessible way.

Our goal is to solve the shortage of personnel with technical backgrounds in the Netherlands while positively contributing to the prevention of wrongs against workers from Eastern Europe. By using the interactive matching system on our website, you can quickly and easily select potential technical personnel.

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Quercus International

Quercus international is an important player in Inspections & Vocational Education for the industry, engineering, offshore and consultancy firms.

In some countries a safe work environment and sufficient trained staff are mandantory. The main focus of Quercus is the ambition to let people work safe in hazardous areas anywhere around the world. Quercus is also excellent in building a practical anywhere when required.

You can find us in Abu Dhabi, Kazahkstan, Jordan, Nigeria, Iraq, Russia and the Netherlands. The establishments all have unique practical labs, ensuring theory can be applied in practice.

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It is an online assessment tool which HR professionals can use as part of their recruitment process to significantly reduce management time screening resumes.

Perscriptum is configured using competency based questions against specific job profiles. Candidates are assessed in their place of origin at assessment centres which are overĀ­seen by independent assessment personnel.


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